Государственная служба миграции при Правительстве Кыргызской Республики | Удостоверение кайрылмана
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State migration service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic State service on issuance of certificate for kairylman

Forms of questionnaires and application for obtaining a kairylman status

Step-by-step instruction

The order of consideration of the application for obtaining a kairylman status in accordance with Law of the Kyrgyz Republic No.175 “On State Guarantees for Ethnic Kyrgyz Moving to the Kyrgyz Republic” as of November 26, 2007 and Government Resolution No. 402 “On Approval of the Regulations on the Procedure for Granting a Kairylman Status” as of June 23, 2015.

Note: *The application for obtaining a kairylman status should be submitted along with the following documents:

– passport or equivalent document;

– birth certificate;

– residence certificate;

– marriage certificate.

In the absence of a birth certificate, one of the following documents is submitted to confirm the applicant’s nationality:

– birth certificate of one of the close relatives (parents, children, adoptive parents, brothers and (or) sisters of the whole and the half blood, grandfather, grandmother, grandchildren);

– parents’ marriage certificate;

– birth certificate of one of distant relatives (cousin-brothers and(or) cousin-sisters).

Documents issued by the competent authorities of foreign countries must be legalized, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties that came into force as established by law, and translated into the state and official languages of the Kyrgyz Republic. The authenticity of the signature of the translator who translated the above documents must be notarized.